Monday, October 24, 2011

Thailand Beri Diskaun 100K Baht Untuk Pembeli Kereta Kali Pertama, Terima Aduan Dari Proton, Hyundai dan TATA

Barulah rakyat didahulukan! Bukan retorik semata seperti di Malaysia. Itulah kenyataan di Thailand dimana kerajaannya memberi diskaun 100 ribu Bhat atau RM10000 untuk kereta CKD yang mempunyai sesaran 1.5l ke bawah. Ini bermakna model seperti Toyota Vios dan Honda City layak menerima diskaun dan umum sudah tahu harga kereta itu cuma RM50K di Thailand dan dengan diskaun itu, pembeli hanya membayar RM40 ribu sahaja!
Polisi rakyat didahulukan di Thailand ini mendapat kritikan dari Proton, Hyundai dan TATA yang mana mereka tidak mempunyai operasi CKD di negara itu. Proton yang popular dengan model Savvy dan Exora di sana bakal terjejas dengan dijangka ramai akan membeli kereta buatan Jepun seperti Vios atau City.
Polisi kerajaan Thailand memang amat mementingkan kebajikan rakyat. Jauh berbeza dengan Malaysia yang mana kerajaannya mengambil kesempatan ke atas rakyat mereka dengan mengenakan cukai yang tinggi pada benda keperluan asas seperti kereta, rumah dan jalanraya bertol.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Model: Myvi Extreme 1.5 engine more style more power

1.5L Engine
DVD Navigation
Leather seat


News: The Ferrari FF Makes Its Malaysian Debut Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli is coming to Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, August 16, 2011- The most eagerly- anticipated Ferrari FF made its Malaysian debut today in PJ and will be displayed in its showroom for the week. As Ferrari’s first four-seater, four -wheel drive car, the FF is uniquely powerful and versatile, and has aroused great interests since its international launch. There is another good news announced, that the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, one of the most popular and successful one-make series in the world, will come to Malaysia from September 30th until October 2nd . This year is the first time that the Asia Pacific region is included in its history, and Malaysia will be the fourth round after Zhuhai in June, and Shanghai in July and August. The racers will contest a five-race series with the new 458 Challenge car to win the final championship.
“This new Ferrari takes the Prancing Horse into new territory, matching the legendary performance, style and driving excitement expected of a Ferrari with new levels of ability thanks to its unique four wheel drive system and its spacious and flexible interior which makes it the most useable and versatile supercar built by Ferrari,” says Simon Inglefield, Head of Ferrari Asia Pacific Other Countries, “And we are very delighted to announce that we will now be hosting the first ever Challenge Series in Malaysia soon, The culture and passion for racing has always been an integral part of Ferrari’s one-make championship, which has been shared with many of our customers here in Asia Pacific.
The Ferrari FF is a four-seater that utterly changes the whole GT sports car concept, hailing nothing short of a revolution in the auto world. Even the most cursory glance at the FF’s sleek, Pininfarina-penned super model profile will tell you that.
Drive it - anywhere, any time, in any weather or road conditions – and you’ll know why it’s so radical. It may be a car that has elegance, beauty and art in its soul, but there’s much, much more to the FF than sophisticated allure. It was, in fact, designed specifically to tackle the toughest, most complex and ambitious of driving challenges. The kind of challenges that the most uncompromising and discerning drivers will want to set it. Drivers that demand their cars give of their all. Effortlessly. Regardless of weather or surface.
The FF will more than match anything that’s asked of it because it is quite simply the most versatile car ever produced by the pens, computers, monkey wrenches and milling machines of the Prancing Horse technicians, engineers, designers and mechanics.
The FF: a name, as we said, inspired by the car’s four generous, body-hugging seats and, more significantly, the new Prancing Horse-patented four-wheel drive system. Purists will be overjoyed to know that it is still the rear wheels that actually provide the power, with torque being transferred only to the front axle when required and even then intelligently and predicatively distributed to all four wheels. Yet another reason why this is the most versatile Ferrari ever built.
But take note: the FF is also the most exclusive GT on the market, the very pinnacle of achievement in the “extreme GT” segment, the most powerful four-seater in the world. It has it all: exceptional, class-topping performance that pushes its signature Ferrari thoroughbred DNA and driving pleasure to the utmost, regardless of weather or terrain. Even on snow, ice and dirt.
The FF also sets a new benchmark in terms of sheer innovation: it is the first four-wheel drive V12 with a rear-mounted electronic differential, the E-Diff.
The Ferrari-patented four-wheel drive system is unique of its kind and also integrated with the new generation F1-Trac traction control developed specifically for the track. The FF is also the first and only V12 in the world to sport the seven-speed dual-clutch F1 gearbox with 20% more power output and 25% lower fuel consumption. It offers four occupants superb in-car comfort with wraparound seats and absolutely unprecedented cabin and luggage space for a car in its category.
The FF’s architecture too ticks all the boxes with authentic sports car driving dynamics, braking and suspensions. It also boasts the best weight-power ratio ever achieved, thanks in part to the fact that its patented four-wheel drive system is just 50% the weight of a traditional version. Style-wise, the FF is sculptural yet streamlined: it has an innovative shooting brake shape, modern styling cues, and third millennium aerodynamic and conceptual solutions to underscore its sporty stance. It is also unique on several levels: for instance, the paints used for its livery were specifically designed for it and the leathers that adorn its interiors have been given an innovative treatment to enhance their natural beauty.
The FF is tailored to perfection to suit the exclusive style of its owner. It’s as much a car for day-to-day driving as it is for extraordinarily unique occasions. Everything aboard the FF is tailored specifically to the needs and tastes of its driver with a choice of six exclusive colours and the finest Frau aniline leathers specially treated to enhance their natural softness. The FF’s exceptional specification enhances in-car enjoyment for all four occupants. Features include a new rear-seat infotainment system with two screens for watching TV and DVD and a 1,280 Watt, 16-channel stereo system with Dolby Surround Sound.
FF, 458 Italia, Ferrari California and 599 GTB Fiorano today represent the complete and comprehensive range ever, offering a different kind of Ferrari for every different kind of Ferrarista.